Gen 3 Drowzee (NU Analysis)


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Drowzee is outclassed almost entirely by Chimecho except for in one aspect: its access to Wish. Wish gives Drowzee reliable recovery and allows it to support the team, making it a better fit on some balance teams as it doesn't have to rely on Rest. What's more, Drowzee's stats and movepool are good enough to allow it to check a few dangerous Pokemon such as Hitmonchan and Sunny Day sweepers. Its low Speed, Defense, offenses, and vulnerability to Spikes mean it's not going to win you any games on its own, but Drowzee can make for a decent supporter.

name: Wish Support
move 1: Wish
move 2: Protect
move 3: Thunder Wave / Toxic / Hypnosis
move 4: Seismic Toss
item: Leftovers
ability: Insomnia
nature: Calm
evs: 252 HP / 80 Def / 176 SpD

- Wish supports teammates without recovery like Mawile and Pidgeot
- Protect allows Drowzee to comfortably avoid the 2HKO from a multitude of threats and pairs well with Wish and Toxic
- TWave is another thing that separates Drowzee from Chimecho and can support slower teammates
- Toxic allows it to more easily outstall Pokemon like Flareon and Wailord
- Hypnosis is its signature move and is something it has over Chimecho as well, but this set is better designed to spread status to multiple Pokemon and Hypnosis limits that to just one
- Seismic Toss ignores Drowzee's low offenses and deals consistent damage to most things

- EV spread avoids 2HKO from CB Hitmonchan Sky Uppercut and 2HKO from Seadra's Hydro Pump and Bellossom's Solar Beam
- Psychic an option but Seismic Toss will outdamage it most of the time, even when super effective
- Reflect and Light Screen can make Drowzee exceptionally sturdy and helps support the team more
- Counter can surprise a few things if timed well
- Really only fits on balanced teams where Chimecho and Flareon are not better options, or even in conjunction with Flareon
- Necessitates teammates that want its Wishes and need its decent SpD and ability to check Hitmonchan

[Other Options]
- Calm Mind
- Body Slam
- Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Safeguard

[Checks and Counters]
- Chimecho
- Sableye
- Mawile
- Anything with a non-Fighting-type physical attack


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In my opinion Drowzee is more comparable to Lickitung in overall playstyle than to Chimecho, which has much more diverse array of options.

Therefore Drowzee should focus on the things that set it apart from Lickitung: Fighting and Psychic resistances, Thunder Wave, Reflect, Light Screen and possibly some more gimmicky moves like Hypnosis and Snatch (can steal Heal Bell from a previously poisoned Chimecho).

Light Screen should definitely be among the slashed moves, since it allows Drowzee to check Huntail at least once, whereas Hypnosis could be moved to other options.


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Slash Psychic with Seismic Toss rather than making it AC. It actually outdamages SToss against Tangela (barely) and is obviously better against other things like Haunter and Hitmonchan, as well as some Roselia, depending on bulk.

This is the right set, so I don't agree with Fakes' recommendations though add them to OO if not already there, minus Snatch.

I do agree about a better comparison being the Wish mons than Chimecho. Chime is straight up so much better that it's no comparison. The only teams that should have Drowzee badly need a sun check and wisher and even then Flareon is usually the better option. Drowzee's only plus is it can't get slept and then worn down. I wish it even had a niche due to not being ground weak, but it's so frail physically that diglett ohkoes anyway.

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